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Abstract vs. Tangible Learning in Japanese

“Thus, you are probably safe using “manabu” for most anything having to do with learning, but “narau” should be used in the specific contexts I have laid out here. Just because the dictionary says they’re both verbs for “learn” does not mean they are identical and should be used the same way.”


こんにちは、世界(せかい)!(Hello, world!)

Joy for my lack of title creativity. Anyway, I’m here for reasons (most of which are rather interwoven) that may or may not change at some point.

  1. I like Japan(ese) and I want some place where I can publicly put up/save the information that I find in my “research.”
  2. I like finding random things (quotes & so on) that seem interesting and I like to save them, but they’re starting to take up to much space on my laptop. So, I want to store them on the Internet instead.
  3. I find lots of websites. For learning Japanese, for information about their culture, for quotes, for watching Naruto, for reading manga, for seeing original works from Japanese authors, for seeing funny pictures of cats, & for other such important matters. Saving them so that I can find them again at some point is important & the bookmarks sections on all four of my Internet browsers has become so crowded & overfilled that it’s slowing them down & making them crash more often.

Now, if I can just have to start using my blog for all those things…. (I’m a chronic procrastinator. ^^; )

Introductory Post

[To read the full Introductory Post (the one with an extra ¶) click “Introductory Page” at the top of the page or click this link. ]

Though I’m a bit unsure about the content as of now, I know want to have information about Japan (日本) and the Japanese language (日本語). I’ve wanted to have a place to put information about that for quite a while now & I’m hoping this will be the place. There are a couple reasons I’ve wanted to do this.

1) I want to save that information (about more than just Japanese) here, online, where it won’t take up space on my computer.

2) There are just so many things to learn about the Japan and its language & it’s taken me so long to find out what I have that I want to share what I’ve found & where I’ve found it (as well as what I find & where I find it ^^), in hope that others don’t have to look as hard as I did to discover things about Japan. While I’m still thinking about it, here’s a great place to go. I think I’ll add more about it in another post.

But there are other things I want to add like quotes, links to sites that are useful for different things, excerpts from sites that only have a little bit of useful information, & other random bits of information that I think are interesting or that I want to remember. I’m still a little hazy on all the details. I’ve got my ideas, though!