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Nic Marks: The Happy Planet Index

Our class watched a video of Nic Marks on He relates the environmental movement & our general happiness level. It’s mostly about our happiness, though. Well, here’s the video.
Oh, and if you want to do something interesting: View subtitles > Japanese.



If you can’t watch it here, then try going directly to the site by clicking the following link:




I’ve always wondered what the “next generation” (considered to be anyone born on or after 1982) would be called. Today I found out (a possible name).

It’s not just the “next generation,” it’s the “Net Generation.” (Tapscott, 1998)

Also, the “Millennials,” but that doesn’t sound quite as interesting to me.


1000 Words

This is a very sad, but beautiful and meaningful, interactive flash by yuumei from The copyright is © Wenqing Yan 2009. It’s about a little girl who’s parents are about to split up.

Wait for the flash to load to 100% and then click “Read.” After that, just click the arrows at the bottom of the page to go forwards or backwards.